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A unique combination of theory and praxis

The “Software Engineering for Industrial Applications” (M.Eng.) master’s program is a two year master’s program which is comprised of one year of theoretical study at the Hof University of Applied Sciences and one year of practical industry training.

Students will be trained for complex management and engineering tasks in the area of software development for industrial applications. Its applications range from low-level control of production processes to the high-level management and logistic tasks of multiple independent companies. The task of managing projects in this area requires not only excellent technological competence but also management and engineering skills, which have to be trained and demonstrated in a highly complex environment.

Therefore, this master’s program focuses on extensive training assignments in addition to theoretical courses providing technological and organizational knowledge.

The "Software Engineering for Industrial Applications" master’s program completed its 10th anniversary in 2014 and is accredited by ACQUIN (accreditation certificate).

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche


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Software Engineering for Industrial Applications (M.Eng.)


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